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Talk me Down!

So, worrying more and more about GOP voter suppression and tampering with election results, I googled and found this article from Security Pro.

This quote disturbs me, and I share with you because misery demands company:

". . . .Spoonamore, who has helped develop security solutions for MasterCard, American Express, Bloomberg, Boeing, NBC, News Corp., the Dept. of Energy, the US Navy, and the Dept. of State, is on record, in a sworn affidavit, explaining how easily these voting machines can be hacked and manipulated. . . . Most disturbing about Spoonamore's claims is that there is already a plan in play to swing the Presidential race to John McCain, who he claims will win by 3 electoral votes and 51% of the popular vote. If these claims were made someone less credible, it would be fodder for conspiracy theory."

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