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A group of conservatives plans to air a series of television ads to counter criticism of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The Alaska governor has come under much criticism after she and Sen. John McCain lost their bid for the White House, with some Republicans blaming her for their ticket’s loss. Gov. Palin has granted numerous interviews with national media outlets, in an apparent bid to counter the negative views and secure her future in the Republican Party.

Now she has some help. A political action committee called “Our Country Deserves Better” is raising money to air a series of TV advertisements voicing support for Gov. Palin. The group is headed by Howard Kaloogian, a California Republican and former state legislator.

All three versions of the ad — which are being streamed on the PAC’s website for now — feature group members complimenting Gov. Palin over her role in the 2008 campaign. Lloyd Marcus, a singer-songwriter and spokesman for the group, says to the camera, “Thank you, for the grace and dignity you showed even when some tried to smear and destroy you.”

Mark Williams, a conservative commentator, says, “We thank you for your passionate, hopeful and articulate advocacy of common sense, conservative values.”

During the presidential campaign, the Our Country Deserves Better PAC conducted “The Stop Obama Tour,” with a bus that traveled from the West to the East Coast to promote the Republican ticket.

The latest campaign includes a special Thanksgiving ad, which highlights Gov. Palin’s penchant for moose stew as an alternative to turkey.

Gov. Palin, who returned to Alaska on Nov. 5, the day after the election, has remained a focus of media attention. During a Thursday photo op featuring her pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving, a television camera captured the governor talking to reporters against a backdrop of other turkeys being killed.

MSNBC is airing the clip with the headline: “Gov. Sarah Palin keeps talking while turkeys get slaughtered behind her.”

From the WSJ Washington Wire
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